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Interesting and quality paintings I can`t attribute, or don`t have the time to research. Pictures I come across doing the rounds which need a good home! Some of these artworks are by talented amateurs - and may prove a good investment. Many Victorian `hobby painters` for instance are now highly regarded and valued. You may find a place or artist here you recognize, or an interesting gift!


  J.F.Sharman ` A Highland Farm`- watercolour- image 14 x 8 inches, 22 x 16 framed.
 A pleasant traditional Scottish landscape by John Sharman, probably 1970`s. Sharman does come up for auction occasionally
  though I have no more information. Nice decorative painting -

`Low Tide` - J.Taylor, Image 15 x 10 inches, 21 x 16 framed
A tranquil image of a boat beached at sunset about to catch the tide, c.1970`s. Lime washed frame. This very competent watercolour is signed J.Taylor, could be one of a number of artists with that initial.- PRICE £75 INC. FREE UK SHIPPING