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Santa Maria della Salute from the Fordamenta Dei Catacumini`

George Herbert Buckingham Holland (1901-1987)


 Kathleen Streatfeild A.S.W.A. (exh.1906-27)

 `The English Arch at Luz. in the Pyrenees -July 1906`


`The Greek Theatre, Taormina, Sicily`
Francoise V. Clarke-Fort 1962


`Saint Valery sur Somme`

Edward Leslie Badham (1873-1944)


 `A Normandy Cottage` 

Edward Herbert Burt-Smith c.1914 

  `St.Joseph`s Chapel, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

  Frances Livesay (fl.1880-1914)

`Lake Garda, Italy`

Winifred Sedgwick 1950


 Edward Francis Wells (1876-1952)

`The Castle, Brescia, Italy`

  `Montefiascone` Italy

Philip Spence (1873-1945)