Charles Gascoyne (1887-1917) 
`St. Marks Square, Venice`
A subtle and mysterious watercolour of St.Marks Square in Venice. It`s by Charles Gascoyne (1887-1917) and dates to around 1900. Gascoyne was a well known and highly regarded architectural illustrator and painter, usually commissioned to produce artists impressions of new buildings. This watercolour was most likely done `plein-air` while visiting , probably on holiday.  Gascoyne like so many of his generation was unfortunately killed in WW1 at the height of his popularity. Works by the artist are rare, especially non-commissioned pieces, due to his early demise. Doubtless if he had lived he would have built on his early reputation. The painting is double mounted and housed in a late Victorian gilt frame.
Charles Gascoyne was born in Nottingham. A successful career as an architectural illustrator in London was cut short by his death in WW1. Enlisting in 1915, he served initially in the Irish rebellion of 1916, and later in France where he died in captivity of wounds received in battle.
Architectural Illustration
The period 1900-1920 saw a flowering of the art of architectural draughtsmanship. The Beaux Arts approach to architectural drawing which placed considerable emphasis on the precise representation of buildings enhanced by shadow and light washes, led to the adoption of this style in many architectural schools. The Beaux Arts influence was combined with the particularly British style of drawing, where the motivation was to present the building as a reality; as solid form anchored visually to the ground and existing surroundings. This combination led to the stylistic and imaginative coloured drawings of this exceptional period. The artists of this school combined precision in drawing with a delicate but imaginative use of colour, bestowing a romantic aura upon the buildings.–from the catalogue produced for “Fareyland - An Exhibition of Watercolors and Drawings by Cyril Farey” at the Gallery Lingard, London)
Cyril Farey was a contemporary (and rival!) of Charles Gascoyne.

Mediumwatercolour  Conditionvery good
 Image size 10 x 7 inches   Provenancesigned lower right, dealers labelling verso
 Overall size21 x 18 inches 
Agec1900 Price SOLD DEC 2016