`Bridge at Corfe`
John Thorburn McGaw RI, ARBA (1872-1952)
A subtle watercolour depicting a wooded glade with a bridge over a stream at Corfe in Dorset by distinguished watercolourist J.Thornburn McGaw. The treatment of the overhanging branches is very reminiscent of Cezanne.
John Thornburn McGaw studied under F.E.Andrews. Became an associate of the R.B.A. in 1940, and the Royal Institute also in 1940. Exhibited widely between 1920-1940. RBA 6 times, RCA 19, RWS 3 and several other galleries.
Interestingly I found an obituary for a John Thornburn McGaw (1872-1952) in the Canberra times for 20 Sept 1952, who appeared to have emigrated and made a fortune from sheep farming in Australia and Argentina, I wonder if this is the same one - would warrant further research.

Mediumwatercolour  Conditionexcellent
 Image size 12 x 9 inches   Provenancetitled verso and attributed
 Overall size 
Agec.1940 Price £ 125