John Nicolson RSW RBA ARE (1891-1951) 
`The Quiet Hour` 1928
A tranquil and very subtle watercolour by John Nicolson depicting a rocky beach at low tide, I would think in the early morning just after dawn. Exhibited in Glasgow so possibly the East coast of Scotland or Northumberland. Nicolson was an extremely talented painter, printmaker and illustrator who enjoyed acclaim in the 1930`s and 40`s, but  was prevented from long term recognition by his early death in a car accident in 1951. Recently the subtlety and finesse in his work is being rediscovered. This actual painting was exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1930 and also at the Paisley Art Institute, Glasgow. It was also exhibited posthumously at the RBA in1951.The painting is housed in a period deco gilt frame and wash lined mount which complement the image very well.
John Nicolson (1891-1951) was the son of the artist Alec Nicolson and was born in London. He studied at St.Martins School of Art and exhibited widely, RSW 33 times, RBA 29, RA 12, ROI 2, RHA13 ,RSA 20 etc. He was elected to the, RBA 1929, ARE 1923 and the RSW 1930 and was awarded a silver medal at the Paris Salon in 1946. Lived in Streatham, London.

Mediumwatercolour  Conditionexcellent unfaded
 Image size 17 x 11 inches   Provenancesigned and dated lower centre, extensive labelling verso
 Overall size 27 x 21 inches 
Age1928 Price SOLD AUGUST 2015